Alan Harris


How can a San Diego Real Estate Broker help me?

From start to finish, your chosen real estate broker or agent in San Diego will serve as a partner and ally during your home buying experience. Their knowledge, skills and attitude will provide you with the leverage that you need especially if you’re a first time buyer of San Diego homes.

The following are the Seven main roles of your San Diego Real Estate Broker, which would lead to POSITIVE CHANGES in your San Diego home buying:

  1. Checks and double-checks all paperwork and deadlines.
  2. Harmonize the work of other involved professionals.
  3. Analyzes your preferences in a home.
  4. Negotiates transactions on your behalf.
  5. Guides you to homes that fit your criteria.
  6. Educates you about the market of your chosen neighborhood.
  7. Solves any possible problems in a quick and efficient manner.